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  1. It's - It (mp3)

    It's - It (mp3)


    13 track digital album. remix compilation. Learn More
  2. biophilia (mp3)

    biophilia (mp3)


    biophilia is an interdisciplinary exploration of the universe and its physical forces-particularly those where music, nature, and technology meet-inspired by these relationships between musical structures and natural phenomena, from the atomic to the cosmic. the independent on sunday calls it "brilliantly original and ambitious." Learn More
  3. Debut (vinyl)

    Debut (vinyl)


    11 track album pressed on 12" Heavyweight 180g black vinyl. Her second official solo offering. Debut was the album that introduced Iceland's first lady to the world on her own terms. Learn More
  4. Volta (cd)

    Volta (cd)


    11 track CD album in jewel case. Same tracks on both Digi + Jewelcase versions Learn More
  5. Post (vinyl)

    Post (vinyl)


    11 track 12" Heavyweight 180g black vinyl album. Includes the singles Army Of Me, Hyperballad, It's Oh So Quiet, Isobel & Possibly Maybe. Learn More
  6. Vespertine Live (cd)

    Vespertine Live (cd)


    16 track live CD, featuring the singles: 'Hidden Place', 'Cocoon' and 'Pagan Poetry'. Learn More
  7. Medúlla (digipack)

    Medúlla (digipack)


    Limited edition 14 Track Hybrid Super Audio CD presented in fold-out digipack picture sleeve Learn More
  8. Selmasongs (cd)

    Selmasongs (cd)


    7 track CD album, soundtrack from the film 'Dancer In The Dark' starring Björk in the lead role, featuring the single 'I've Seen It All'. Learn More
  9. Post (cd)

    Post (cd)


    11 track CD album includes the singles 'Army Of Me', 'Hyperballad', 'It's Oh So Quiet', 'Isobel' & Possibly Maybe'. Learn More
  10. Volta (digipack cd)

    Volta (digipack cd)


    11 track CD album. UK edition includes exclusive Mark Bell mix of 'I See Who You Are' CD comes in special digipack box: two folding front half-panels sealed with a sticker. Learn More
  11. Homogenic (vinyl)

    Homogenic (vinyl)


    10 track 12" Heavyweight 180g black vinyl album including the singles 'hunter', 'joga', 'bachelorette', 'alarm call' & 'all is full of love'. Learn More
  12. Voltaic (ltd cd box set)

    Voltaic (ltd cd box set)


    LIMITED EDITION in SPECIAL PACKAGING 2 CD and 2 DVD package Learn More
  13. Homogenic (cd)

    Homogenic (cd)


    10 track cd album including the singles 'hunter', 'joga', 'bachelorette', 'alarm call' & 'all is full of love'. Learn More
  14. Debut (cd)

    Debut (cd)


    12 track CD album. Features the singles: 'Human Behaviour', 'Venus As A Boy', 'Big Time Sensuality' and 'Violently Happy'. Learn More
  15. Medúlla (vinyl)

    Medúlla (vinyl)


    14 track album, pressed on 2 x 12" Heavyweight 180g black vinyl. Featuring Oceania, Pleasure Is All Mine and Where Is The Line. Learn More