Björk – Homogenic Live


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Björk - Homogenic Live – CD

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Björk – Homogenic Live

16 track live CD album. Tracks recorded in different places.

“Recorded with Mark Bell and the Icelandic String Octet, Homogenic Live sees Björk drop the safety net of a traditional pop/rock show. That setting and the sparse arrangements could have left her potentially vulnerable, but she fills any empty space with the full force of her voice” – Pitchfork

1. Vísur Vatnsenda Rósu
2. Hunter
3. You’ve Been Flirting Again
4. Isobel
5. All Neon Like
6. Possibly Maybe
7. 5 Years
8. Come To Me
9. Immature
10. I Go Humble
11. Bachelorette
12. Human Behaviour
13. Pluto
14. Jóga
15. So Broken
16. Anchor Song

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