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Björk – Jóga

2008 reissue of Björk’s 1997 release Jóga on CD and vinyl. This is not the numbered PVC SLEEVE version but same CUTTING PROCESS.

“On ‘Joga’, Björk thanks someone for pushing her into a “state of emergency” (a condition she relishes), while the Octet saws away calmly. Then on the chorus, the strings soar into quickly voiced affirmations as Björk explores the fuller, more womanly tone she unveiled on Post. But underneath, with a quietly firm destructiveness, a hip-hop track bristles, distorts, and whistles. There’s not much integration—a certain disjointedness is the point. The song depicts one woman’s emotional agenda in the presence of luxurious modern architecture: exaggerated corners, nonexistent ceilings, and beautiful doors. It’s a track that wants to sound as active as the chaos it embraces.” – Spin

1. Jóga (Howie B Main Mix)
2. Jóga (String & Vocal Mix)
3. Jóga (Buzz Water Mix)
4. All Is Full Of Love (Choice Mix)
5. Jóga (Album Version)
6. Sod Off
7. Immature
8. So Broken
9. Jóga (Alec Empire Mix)
10. Jóga (Alec Empire Hardcore Mix 1)
11. Jóga (Alec Empire Hardcore Mix 2)

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