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  1. Sugarcubes - Stick Around For Joy

    Sugarcubes - Stick Around For Joy


    10 track album on CD and single 12" heavyweight black vinyl. Learn More
  2. Blissing Me (Vinyl)

    Blissing Me (Vinyl)


    Limited edition 12" aqua coloured vinyl.

    Björk has released two remixes of the track 'Blissing Me', from the current album 'Utopia'; one which strips back the existing layers of song to purely her voice and a harp arrangement by herself, and another by the enigmatic artist serpentwithfeet who has gifted his heavenly gospel tones to the track.

    **Release Date: February 23rd 2018** Learn More
  3. Country Creatures

    Country Creatures


    Björk is proud to announce a limited edition 12" single of remixes by herself, The Knife and Fever Ray.
    Learn More
  4. Vulnicura Strings

    Vulnicura Strings


    Vulnicura Strings is available on CD and Double Heavyweight Black Vinyl. Learn More
  5. Vulnicura



    Vulnicura was written, produced and recorded in collaboration with Venezuelan producer Arca and British musician The Haxan Cloak. Of the album’s nine tracks, six are written by Björk with two co-written with Arca and one co-written with Spaces. Six songs are produced by Björk and Arca, one by Björk, Arca and The Haxan Cloak and two by Björk. All string arrangements are by Björk. The album was mixed by The Haxan Cloak, except two songs mixed by The Haxan Cloak and Chris Elms, and mastered by Mandy Parnell. Vulnicura is Björk’s first release since the 2011 album and multimedia project Biophilia.
    Learn More
  6. Vulnicura Remix Bundle

    Vulnicura Remix Bundle


    This wonderful package includes the following remixes commissioned for the Vulnicura album campaign. Learn More
  7. Ultimate Vulnicura Bundle - Vinyl

    Ultimate Vulnicura Bundle - Vinyl


    This wonderful package includes a variety of releases associated with the Vulnicura album campaign Learn More
  8. Vulnicura Bundle - Vinyl

    Vulnicura Bundle - Vinyl


    This wonderful package includes three albums associated with the Vulnicura album campaign. Learn More
  9. Jóga



    2008 reissue of Björk's 1997 release Jóga on CD and vinyl. This is not the numbered PVC sleeve version but the same cutting process. Learn More
  10. Telegram



    Bjork's second remix compilation, released in 1996. Learn More